Year 5 International Art Week

During our International Art Week we will be using a traditional African tale Mufaro’s beautiful daughters’ to explore the theme of conflict resolution. All of our Art, English, Dance, CPSHE and ICT this week is all inspired by this amazing continent.

As your homework task, please use the following link to go to ‘Padlet’ and record the information you have researched and found out about Ghana:


4 thoughts on “Year 5 International Art Week

  1. Ghanas currency is cedi, they drive on the right and their calling code is 233. Their official lauguage is English but they also speak Akuapem twi, Asante twi, Dagaare, Dangem, Ewe, Ga, Gonja, Kasem, Fante, Nzema, Talensi and Frafra. The populationis estimated as 27 million people, Ghana’s capital is Accra, Ghana has a coast line but is surrounded by Togo, Cote’d Ivory and Burkina faso, Ghanas area is 238,535km sq or 92.099 sq miles.

    (Joe cant get this info to add on to the Padlet)

  2. As instructed double clicking on the padlet doesn’t bring up anything to add a comment in.

  3. Hello Mrs Lyons, we couldn’t add an entry to pallet by double clicking, says no permission to add info. Jane & Holly

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